Sound of Drums

Sound of Drums publish strategy board games with historical backgrounds, they are trying to find the right spot in between a game and a simulation. The better the game the worse the simulation and the better the simulation the worse the game. Sound of Drums don’t pretend to simulate history, they want to give players the same background to rewrite history without forcing them to repeat history.

The design of their games have one thing in common: Decision taking! They don’t use cards, only few charts and tables and as little as possible they use dice in their designs. Cards, tables and dice often replace mechanics where a designer would have a hard time representing something he had in mind for his game. This wargames will avoid the extensive use of markers and the number of tables. In all their games they avoid huge numbers of play aids that need to be placed around the map or in front of the players. Sound of Drums prioritize the action on the map and the gamers focused at the action on the map.

Sound of Drums

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