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Prémieres Gloires 2nd Ed (serie Jours de Gloire)

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Premières Gloires (Early Glories) includes 4 of the first battles published in the Jours de Gloire (Days of Glory) series in revised and redesigned versions.

Rivoli 1797 is the conclusion of a maneuver in a centralized position, brilliantly carried out by Bonaparte. Though outnumbered, the French won a decisive victory at the cost of the bloodiest fighting of the entire Italian campaign

Zurich 1799 at the head of the last French army still in a condition to carry out an offensive campaign, Masséna profited from a favorable position to save the Republic.

Montebello 1800 is a clash between advance guards.

Marengo 1800 an intense battle that the French were losing for a long while was transformed into a stunning victory when the French were able to reconcentrate

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Units: 1 strength point equals 200 infantry, 150 cavalry or 2 cannons
Scale: demi-brigade or regiment, battalion
Complexity : 7 / 9

Game Components:
• 4 maps, 59 x 41 cm
• 432 die-cut counters and markers
• 1 rulebook
• 1 battle book with 4 battles and 14 scenarios
• 1 player aid card
• 10 storage bags

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