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Vietnam 1965-1975

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This simulation game re-creates the longest, most complex, and least understood conflict in US history in all of its military and political aspects. The rules include detailed treatment of movement, terrain, search and destroy operations, special operations, firepower, airmobility, riverines, brigade-level formations, limited intelligence, and auxiliary units in each scenario...Vietnam 1965-1975 has always represented the quintessential grand operational Vietnam game for us. The systems all work together beautifully to evoke the feel of the war whether playing the focused scenarios or the sweeping breadth of the campaign games.

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  • 3" box
  • 3 22"x34" maps (approx. 66"x40")
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • 8 x 8.5 x 11 player aid cards
  • 2 x 11x17 Seasonal Interphase
  • 2 x 11x17 folding Operations Player Aid Card
  • 4 sheets 9/16" counters
  • 2 sheets 1/2" counters

Non-exhaustive List of Clarifications and Changes

  1. The US, ARVN, and FWA are now collectively referred to as the Allies. US, ARVN, and FWA, when used, specifically mean those units.*
  2. More rule numbers have been provided for easier reference.
  3. Units may not be assigned to more than one operation per turn with the exception of Offensive Reserves (who conduct their Offensive Reserve operation and are then assigned to the ongoing operation).
  4. The defender choose his terrain in combat immediately before combat ratios are determined.
  5. VC HQs exert ZOCs.
  6. International, Corps, and Regional boundaries and their effects have been clearly defined.
  7. Operations have been clarified in terms of which can have support assigned, etc. (a new, more detailed Operations Flow Chart is available).
  8. Reaction movement is clarified.
  9. Airmobile Support losses is clarified (in terms of when they are lost vs available to be lost).
  10. Dedicated artillery is clarified (in terms of when it can be used in an operation).
  11. Ground-bound units has been changed to be less restrictive in terms of amphibious operations (105mm and 155mm independent artillery can use riverine points).
  12. Strategic Movement for Ineffective ARVN is clarified and expanded.
  13. Regional Forces do qualify a force to use ARVN replacements.
  14. Regional Forces are available for the HEX they occupy regardless of the terrain chosen by the defender.
  15. ARVN units in Cambodia and Laos fall under the Chief of Staff for Effectiveness.
  16. Bombardment and/or interdiction is not an invasion.
  17. North Vietnam may be Bombarded.
  18. The Queen's Cobra Regiment no longer has a commitment cost.
  19. Sea Supply has been altered: 2 points are added for each NVN commitment point spent on sea supply.


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